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Q: What are the fees associated with listing ZHPs on ZHPRegistry.net?
A: $0

Q: How do I modify or remove a previously posted ad?
A: ZHPRegistry.net uses an e-mail driven listing management system. Locate the original message with a subject "ZHPRegistry.net Listing Management" and follow the link provided in that message. Your listing will appear with the management control panel on the top left side of the listing allowing you to modify or remove the listing. If you cannot locate this e-mail message, please contact info@zhpregistry.net.

Q: Do I need to create an account to list my car?
A: No. Upon initial submission of the information an e-mail will be sent to you allowing you to manage your listing. You may modify the listing as well as permanently remove it. Be sure not to share this e-mail with anyone as it contains all that is needed to alter or delete your listing.

Q: How long will my listing be available?
A: Your listing will remain active for 30 days, unless you remove it sooner. You may re-list your car as many times as you wish.

Q: Is the service available to auto dealers?
A: Yes

Q: Do I have to register my ZHP before I can list it for sale?
A: No

Q: What are the advantages to listing my ZHP on this site?
A: Here are a few.

  • No cost
  • Search engine optimized listings
  • ZHP specific list of cars is never too long, so no bumping is requred
  • Up to 5 medium resolution photos allowed
  • Unlimited renewals
  • Commercial listing allowed

Q: Why did I not receive an e-mail following my listing request?
A: In most cases the activation e-mail will be sent to you within minutes after submission of your request. In some rare cases the e-mail message may be tagged as "junk" and moved to an appropriate folder. If you weren't able to locate the activation e-mail after an hour passed your submission please contact us.

Q: Will my e-mail address and/or VIN be available for anyone to see?
A: That is up to you. During listing submission you may choose to keep your e-mail address and/or VIN private. If you choose to keep your e-mail private, interested parties will submit a request via this site and it will be forwarded to you without exposing your e-mail address to them.

Please contact info@zhpregistry.net if you have further questions.

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